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Radio Free Europe / Interview / So. Central Rain also known as Sorry
by R.E.M. (LIVE 1983 THX David Letterman)
Another LIVE beauty from #1983 to get you feeling sentimental? x.
All know about REM...so movin back to previous post UPDATE on Bonus Track:)
In case missed, my in between to link in Mission of Burma to Volcano Suns BONUS (who I used to see, a LOT! Right up the block from my rent controlled apartment, 473 Putnam off Pearl, in Cambridge MA. Found in my archives:)
Volcano Suns: https://www.godsjukebox.com/lesakramer5/the-volcano-suns-jak/
Kisses and Enjoy. x.

Here is the info, in case ya don't know? Wiki Speaks on Volcano Suns:
HINT: ...Volcano Suns founded in Spring 1984 by former Mission of Burma and Molls drummer Peter Prescott, WHAT EVER>..I know they played in '83! ....at least, I think so:)

Next UP? A really rough version/love live from '83. It's going to be a tough ride...I'll give this 10-12 hours until I have to post it:) x.

1983 - LIVE! David Letterman - United States - I'm going to keep posting/pushing/QUICK '81-84:) LIVE!
Posted: 5th October 2019
Lesa Kramer
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