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Chestnut Mare
by The Byrds
Found out horse week and horse rant below:)
I LOVE the Byrds...and horses:)

I'm SUCH a Horsey Girl...had to get in on it. Yup! That's me!
Dedicated to Milton @ rivalsanlendo

My Mommy Horse (not a wife) and her Colt... Little Bit (Reg Appaloosa name was Apple Plexy; creepy I know); Bred w/ Reg Quarter Horse; Sire: Dandy Jones...So my Colt named Apple Dandy, and a Reg Appy (you can do it w/that reg Quarter horse, FYI), got that butt w/ spots as a yearling:)

Little Bit came to me about a year before this pic...the way it worked was you rode other people's horses, then proved, by 9-10 years old that you could handle a horse. Horse was left in a field and then...UP to you. At first I had to find her..then I had my call...and she would come running (hungry for delicious food...oh..and my love...LOL).

Little Bit and I were best friends/family...after she threw (horse talk for giving birth) of course, no more wild rides, swimming in ocean, fun...had to train that colt. I can't believe I did it all...no parents, no saddle. We rode, btw/just a bareback pad and she didn't have a bit; "haltimore", slang for hackamore as if you wanted a halt...not much to go on...Horse Joke.

I was so small, I would just ask peeps in town to give me "leg up", or find a pick up truck or just use a fire hydrant to climb onto/get up on big horse.

The Storming the barn w/herd story? Little Bit was best friends w/Mare that was Leader of the Herd Vrmm Vrmm. So...Everyone would just wait for me to go foraging and find LB....Up on the Hill?...Herd would then GALLOP down. If ya fall..lay still..horse will avoid stepping on you. No need for anyone else to have to collect their horses (about 15 out there)...then the struggle in the barn for feeding. I said, as little girl: I have to bring your horses to the barn. Little Bit is PREGGERS and storms in...she must have that first in, tie up place...and that shitty shetland pony that sidekicks can't be next to her. Deal was struck.

The funniest thing...When Little Bit came to me (GIFT!)...she was NOT hoof trained...so I had to have another little girl pal that would walk her forward and I would catch her (that's 4...front AND BACK) hooves to pick..(get out mud/rocks...part of grooming). WAA?

Who KNEW that I could train a horse so she got IT; appropriate hoof training where you just gently pinch and they lift their leg. Little Bit was VERY big Lady and loved to lean full weight on me as I was holding her leg...Sharp elbows/nasty words ensued. She laughed at me, yawned and always tried her best to take a full on rest on me. CRAZY that I think back on how I handled this HUGE horse, foal to be, then the foal/COLT! He was a handful...Another Story.

Catch that horse and LOVE the Byrds as you'll be friends for life, if lucky to ride :)

Put your kids on 'em early in life and they'll do GRAND.
Major, thanks for listening, Byrds Bonus and a film you may know:
The Byrds- I Wasn't Born To Follow

Perfect time to bring back the Little Man Welsh Horse: "Oh NO! Trevor is BACK! Right In There. Make Me a Sandwich!"
Kisses and Enjoy!

Hash Biz:
Excellent Byrds #youtubehole here/hear
United States - Sorry Germany! Horse Story and Bonus Byrds motorcycle (ties into my horse story) Here/Hear
Posted: 28th March 2018
Lesa Kramer
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