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In Between Days
by The Cure
Dear GJB Friends and Fiends,

I'm stacking as I may not be around in the next few days and I'm sticking to 1985...

...And if I didn't post a CURE song, well, I might as well not be on GJB...

The most important music to me: The Cure in the '80's...and this album is SO POP:)

Bonus Tracks Galore, but I think I'll let others post then come back in case people don't post from THIS EVER SO important album, Head on The Door - No wonder I was drawn to 1985:)

If I have to school anyone on the Cure, hit me back - happy to go on a rant:)
But - some basics:
The Head on the Door is the sixth studio album by English rock band The Cure, released in August 1985 on record label Polydor. Preceded by the single "In Between Days" which had reached number 15 on the UK singles chart, The Head on the Door was described by Melody Maker as "a collection of pop songs". With its variety of styles, it allowed the group to reach a wider audience in both Europe and North America. In the United Kingdom, it quickly became their most successful album to date, climbing to number seven on the albums chart.

Kisses and Enjoy (And I am stacking, so hit my archives..)


1985 - Polydor - 1985-The Cure - I had too...ya know I had too
Posted: 20th September 2016
Lesa Kramer
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