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Land Of Ecstasy (Junior's Epic Club Mix)
by Pilgrimage
#IHave12Inches - the perks of being penniless.

I don't have that many CD singles. When I was young, I'd buy one only if it was dirt cheap (1 euro or less, the average amount of money I used to have in my pockets at the time). It wasn't necessarily a record I had listened to previously, it was sufficient that I had at least a vague idea of what to expect. That way, I've been exposed to some frankly weird stuff, like this one. I have no clue how someone could have come up with the idea of having New York-based DJ Junior Vasquez remix a kind of Enigma-style New Age-y tune, monks-like wailing and all, but I strongly suspect drugs were involved.
Not for everyone, but if you plan to have a party in your dungeon..
Posted: 15th October 2019
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