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Break 4 Love (Original Mix)
by Raze
My journey into #electronica pt. 3: house beats and broken friendships.

I have to admit that, initially, I hated house music: too raw, too distant from what I was listening to at the time.
A friend of mine eventually turned me on to it. An avid house music fan, he was obsessed with vinyl, just like me, and we used to spend hours discussing about our favourite music.
In a totally expected course of events, we fell out with each other precisely because of it.
He did always buy many more records than me (I was quite skint) and anyway, usually we lent each other our purchases and tape them. He always insisted on me having to return them in no more than a day, but I guessed he didn’t considered himself to be bound to those same rules: sometimes it took weeks or even months for me to get my (precious few) records back, and not always in ‘pristine conditions’, so to speak.
As it happens, once both CDs of my beloved Salsoul comp came back scratched and unplayable, I decided to call it a day.
We barely spoke to each other for years afterwards. I bump into him now and again, we exchange pleasantries and that’s that.

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Posted: 10th January 2019
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