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by Toquinho
This song immediately sprung to mind when I saw the #commercialjingles theme making the rounds -- if you're Brazilian and of a certain age, you've certainly seen ads by stationery manufacturer Faber-Castell using this as its theme. I've found two versions of one of the ads, one from 1983:

And one from 1995:

(Personally speaking, I'm more familiar with the 1995 version as it's smack in the middle of my childhood, but I think I like the 1983 version better... it's more poignant I think? I do believe there are more recent versions as well, but I haven't been able to locate them on YouTube.)

Both ads are a very close depiction of the song's first two verses, paraphrased thusly: "In any given sheet of paper I draw a yellow sun, and with five or six lines it's easy to build a castle. I run the pencil around my fingers and I give myself a glove, and if I cause a storm, with two flourishes I have an umbrella. / If a little dollop of paint drops on a blue piece of paper, in an instant I imagine a beautiful seagull flying in the sky. Flying it goes, 'round the immense North-South curve and I fly with it, travelling to Hawaii, Beijing or Istanbul. I paint a white sailboat and on I go, so much sky and sea in a blue kiss."

The song goes on, though, describing many other instances of childlike and youthful wonder (such as drawing a ship in which you'd sail on with your good friends and how a simple compasses can create a world) through color and drawing until coming to the conclusion that sooner or later a child's future arrives (a literal wall, and a rocketship that one tries to pilot but that has no estimated time to arrive nor does it excuses itself before changing one's life), that in the long road of life nobody knows or can foretell what will come to happen (or even how it ends) and that eventually, the colors from the castle, the world and the sun all fade away. It is not a sad song by any means, however.

Aquarela was composed by Toquinho in 1983 while living in Italy and it's one of the 120 songs he has co-written with Vinícius de Moraes.

Hope you enjoy! :)
1983 - Brazil - (Blocked in Germany)
Posted: 20th April 2016
Camila Ferreira
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