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Chocolate Whiskey And Vanilla Gin
by Edmundo Ros and His Orchestra
Not that you'd want to put gin and whisky in the same cocktail.

A little Latin-flavoured calypso for a #SalsaSaturday #OurLatinThing

A few weeks ago over on my other account I mentioned what I'd learned about calypso, mento and merengues:

Edmundo Ros was of Trinidadian and Venezualan descent, so I guess you could say he encapsulated the calypso merengue spirit within himself. He was nicknamed The King Of Latin Music but I bet, like me, you'd never heard of him before...

His biography is pretty interesting -- he is credited with making Latin music popular in Britain (hence that nickname) and it was his band that Princess Elizabeth was seen dancing to on her first appearance dancing in public, which led to him playing often at Buckingham Palace. He played in all the famous West End clubs and went on to buy his own club. And he was given Freedom of the City (City Of London, that is -- it's a very high honour). Not bad for a black man from Latin America... He died when he was 100 which means he could have received a telegram from the lady Princess Elizabeth grew up to be (i.e Her Maj) -- except he wasn't living in the UK anymore. I wonder if she sent him one anyway, since she'd invited him to play at the palace so much?

Apparently there was a documentary made about him called I Sold My Cadillac to Diana Dors, which I want to see just for the title alone.

#sweetsnchocweek #drinkingsongs

#bonusfeatures He rerecorded this one a few years later with less instruments and clearer lyrics but even though you can hear them it's somehow not as fun:

and the sleevenotes for this album are quite entertaining:
Posted: 25th May 2019
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