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London Mine
by Joy Crookes
I love how this song makes Old Kent Road seem really romantic. And I too have been fooled by the charm of the Kennington Road. Well, maybe not fooled, nothing bad has ever happened to me there, but I'm usually just there passing through to somewhere else. In fact I was waiting for a bus on Kennington Road yesterday and this song came up on my headphones.

Actually, the first time I heard it about a month ago, I was feeling tired of London. I mean, I spend a lot of time feeling tired because of all the health stuff I have to deal with, but even without all that there are times when living in a city can get you down. Y'know, like not getting out and about seeing as much of the city as I used to be able to means that when I do it's overwhelming because the busy crowds can make you feel lost and the rapid rate of change is totally overwhelming -- every time I get on a bus out of my neighbourhood there's a hole where an old building has been knocked down, or there's been a road rerouting because something new has been built, or I walk around an old favourite haunt and all the cafes and shops I used to visit aren't there anymore, and it all makes you feel lost in the city you've called home almost all your life...

So that's how I was feeling, and I happened to hear this and it made me feel better about the place. Because, despite all of that, London is still mine. There are still corners that belong to me because nobody else pays attention to them because they have their own corners that no one else pays attention to....

When I was waiting for the bus yesterday, I was standing across the road from an old block of flats. They were made of dark brick and the windows were all uniform and the whole block looked like it was in shadow. But in front of them was this long flowerbed planted with red roses, and the sunlight was filtering through them in a way that made them glow, and it was really beautiful and of course nobody else could see it because they weren't standing where I was and looking at what I was looking at. And that's what makes London mine.


ps. sorry if this is blocked for you, there's another version here:
2019 - United Kingdom
Posted: 18th June 2019
Anna (who also posts as @NoirTrax)
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