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You Can Do It (Baby)
by Nuyorican Soul with George Benson
I know I said I was having a bit of a detox after drugweek, but last night I was hanging out in a bar with Antoine Batiste from the Soul Apostles and this came on. And then George Benson walked in and we started talking about music and he claimed he only really liked three songs on this album. I didn't find out which ones (but I do remember that this is one of the ones that got played on Gilles Peterson's old Worldwide show at the time... #joiningthedotsworldwide )... Then a friend of mine dragged me off because there was a guy in the bar that she was trying to get his attention/cop off with and she wanted my opinion (he might have been Kermit Ruffins, or else a guy with dreads but that part's fuzzy)... And then a bunch more things happened that I don't really remember because there were too many details and my brain couldn't cope and then my alarm went off and I woke up.

btw if you don't know who Antoine Batiste is, go watch Treme.
1996 - Talkin' Loud - United States
Posted: 24th May 2019
Anna (who also posts as @NoirTrax)
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