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This was going around my head a few days ago so I put it on my list of things to post when 80s Week was over. Then I remembered that September 26th would be my one-year anniversary of joining this site, so I thought it was a nice happy choice to commemorate that. And *then* I found out that September 26th was the day TIMJ closed forever. Well, I actually did post this track on TIMJ, so it all works out nicely!

#TIMJweek #ThisIsMyJam

I wasn't very social on TIMJ. When I joined the site, I followed a bunch of people I was already friendly with, and a number of them were friends with the people who created the site, so I guess I took the cue from them about how to behave on it. None of them used the site to be social, so I didn't use it as a social site either. I always felt sort of intrusive when I left comments on strangers' choices.

When I became particularly fatigued with my ME/CFS, I wasn't able to use my computer, so I stopped using a lot of internet sites, unless they worked on my phone, which I could use lying down. Twitter was a *lifesaver* -- I would have been completely isolated without that source of contact from people. But Twitter stopped being so fun and friendly -- it seemed like every day there was a new issue that people would get reeaally angry about, and I found the daily snark and outrage was quite draining. I'd also begun to get my strength back and started to do more, which meant I found keeping up with Twitter in real time was also more tiring than fun, so I started looking around for another social outlet, one where people wouldn't mind too much if it took me a couple of days instead of a couple of hours to post a reply...

Then I remembered TIMJ, which I'd noticed had become a rather social place once I looked beyond my own friends' list... By coincidence (and you all know how many I have of those!), the day I decided to go back to TIMJ was the day they announced the site would be closing down. Someone said they were moving to Let's Loop, so I went over there. It was quite enjoyable but it wasn't actually all that sociable, so when someone on there mentioned God's Jukebox, I thought I'd give that a try. Finding this place has been brilliant -- I felt at home here instantly because everyone was so friendly and a lot of people had interesting or entertaining things to say. It reminded me a great deal of one of my first internet "homes", Barbelith, which -- in a sad twist of fate -- had been hacked and taken offline the same week TIMJ closed. (Never mind that nobody had really posted there for a couple of years, because there was still ~16 years' worth of interesting archives... And what's even sadder is that the kid who hacked it probably hadn't even been *born* when Barbelith started.)

Anyway, this is to commemorate and celebrate TIMJ and God's Jukebox. One year later here I am. And here you are. Happy birthday!

And speaking of "later", I spent so long typing this that I am! Late, late, gotta goooo!
1993 - Triad - Japan
Posted: 26th September 2016
Anna (who also posts as @NoirTrax)
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