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"It's only Tottenham"

It's been hard being a Spurs supporter, for most of the 55 years they have been my team. Years of drivel, dross and desperation, punctuated by milliseconds of glory, glory, glory.

So forgive me, just this once, for throwing my chest out. On Wednesday night I cried. Tears of joy, yes. But also tears of frustration, of loss, of anger, of heartache. Tears for all the times I've trudged home, beaten again. Tears for the hope. Because it's the hope that kills you.

On Wednesday night, Mauricio Pochettino (who I love to bits) was every Spurs fan as he cried, as he hugged everyone, as he roared and railed against the world of big money, big spending and big chequebooks.

His dream became a reality. The mission he's taken my club on became crystallised.

One more hurdle to climb. One more glorious battle to fight.

This song is about being in a band*. But it could easily be about me, and thousands like me, who have been on a ridiculous, giddy, relentless mission our whole lives.

Spurs are in the Champions League Final. I still can't quite believe it.

"In the grip of
A nameless possession
A slave to the drive of obsession
A spirit with a vision
Is a dream with a mission"

BTW, what a live performance this is!
1987 - Mercury / Anthem - Canada
Posted: 10th May 2019
Niall Brannigan
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