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Middle of the Night
by Geraint Watkins
Geraint Watkins is a Welsh songwriter with nearly a dozen solo albums under his belt, though he may be more widely known as a session man and backing pianist and keyboardist—and, sometimes, accordionist—for a prodigious list of signature artists: Van Morrison, Paul McCartney, Eric Clapton, and many others not quite in the musical stratosphere. I first consciously heard about Watkins when he served as a member of Nick Lowe's band during that artist's early "crooning" period following his early-'90s hiatus. I only moments ago connected the dots to realize that he sings and plays on Bill Wyman's 1985 rockabilly tribute album Willie and the Poorboys, a record I played countless times in the late '80s. Watkins's anonymous prevalence on the British musical landscape is captured by this interview comment: "Funny thing, the other day I had the radio on and a record started with organ and I thought what a great organ sound, why can’t I get a sound like that? Of course, it was me."* Watkins is truly a musician's musician, and I am happy to have learned accidentally about his brand-new solo album Rush of Blood. Though it does have its share of more rocking cuts (particularly the title track and the one I've chosen today), it's a gentle and endearing little album that I continue to enjoy as autumn bleeds into winter.

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[Note: I see that this is blocked in many territories. If you can't play this one, be warned that another video on YouTube claiming to be "Middle of the Night" actually plays the much different Rush of Blood track "Heart of Stone."]
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Posted: 6th December 2019
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