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Telephone Line
by Electric Light Orchestra
Around Thanksgiving 2017, Jeff Lynne's ELO announced the first major US tour since 1981. Being an inveterate gig-goer and knowing my girlfriend would want to see it, I jumped on tickets despite having very little knowledge of the band beyond many of their omnipresent hits. As a kid in the '70s I had plenty of exposure to Electric Light Orchestra, but when I bought the tickets I'd never listened to one of their studio albums all the way through. That is, unless you count frequently overhearing my brother's 8-track copy of A New World Record back when I was a wee lad. Even at that age, I responded strongly to "Telephone Line," which I believe was my introduction to melancholia through music. Having never dropped a needle on an ELO record, 40-odd years later I would still say to anyone who asked that A New World Record was my favorite album of theirs and "Telephone Line" was my favorite song. To correct or confirm all this, being "Catalog Man," as my brother once dubbed me, I started buying the ELO catalog from their 1971 debut (1972 if you're from the US) and intended to go all the way through to their 1986 farewell. The short version of the results is I would have probably more enjoyed just getting the two-disc version of The Essential Electric Light Orchestra; I'm not a prog fan and albums like Eldorado just turn me off. With their sixth album A New World Record the band started focusing on tighter, song-length compositions and I still think it all crystallizes most successfully on that record. And I've long since decided I will not be following the ELO catalog into the 1980s. But I'll always have "Telephone Line."
1976 - Jet (UK)/United Artists (US)
Posted: 19th July 2019
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