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Seven Wonders
by Fleetwood Mac
From 2013 to 2018 the five albums of Fleetwood Mac's classic Buckingham/Nicks era (sorry, Peter Green fans) were reissued in deluxe editions. Choices were had between super-deluxe boxes including vinyl and even more discs and rarities, but I went for the streamlined two-disc affairs (three, in the cases of Rumours and Tusk). I had been a casual Mac fan with about half of these albums in my collection, but a well-done reissue program is often the thing that propels me to deeper interest. I didn't originally own 1987's Tango in the Night; it was the band's second-best seller after Rumours, produced six singles, and was ubiquitous during my high-school years when I heard it everywhere anyway and my interests had skewed away from mainstream fare. Middle age changes things, and somewhere in the last five years I bought the record, now willing to admit my enthusiasm for the tracks "Big Love" and "Little Lies." I got so into it that I tracked down the 12" singles of those songs to hear the obligatory '80s extended and dub mixes. As for the full album, though, I was more of a Mirage fan (the 1982 predecessor).

I'm finally to the point in my stack where I'm hearing the 2017 expanded edition of Tango in the Night. Seven Wonders, the second-released single, was never much of a favorite and it still isn't; however, this particular week it is the song that's been in my head the most. Sung by Stevie Nicks, it was written by her friend Sandy Stewart and, like three other songs from Tango in the Night, hit the US Top 20. I've got one more Fleetwood Mac deluxe set to go--their 1975 eponymous record got the treatment in 2018. During this reissue campaign I've seen them perform twice, with and without Christine McVie, as well as a solo Buckingham gig and a duo show by Buckingham and McVie. I won tickets to that last one, but I paid for the others. Never had I thought Fleetwood Mac would take up so much of my time, but such is life.
1987 - Warner Bros.
Posted: 20th September 2019
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