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Mountains O' Things
by Tracy Chapman
Several years ago, when Marie Kondo's "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up" took over the bestseller lists in the US, I was one of the many who made fun of the book without ever reading it. The idea that throwing out anything that didn't "spark joy" seemed a bit silly, and the notion that getting rid of so many possessions could be "life-changing" seemed even more absurd. I suppose, at the time, it was my resistance to change that kept me from taking the idea seriously.

Fast-forward to 2017, and I'm not only much more open to change, but I find myself embracing it. Since March of this year, I've lost a total of 70 pounds, so I literally had to get rid of my entire wardrobe and start anew. Sorting through all my old clothes and deep-cleaning my closet led to somewhat of a chain reaction, and last month, I finally picked up the book and actually gave it a read. There are still some parts I laugh at, but the method itself is quite sound.

If you're not familiar, the "secret" to her tidying method is to go through all of your belongings and purge at one fell swoop. Handle each and every object you own and ask yourself exactly why you're holding onto it. Are you keeping it to remember the past, or saving it for the future? I found that so many of the objects I'd kept over the years not only didn't "spark joy", but in many cases, brought up feelings of dread, remorse, and sadness. Two weeks, 12 contractor garbage bags, and two carloads of donations to Goodwill later, all of those things are now gone. I can confidently say that my living space is now only filled with the things I love and cherish, and everything I own has a designated place. Tidying up every day now only takes a few minutes, and my home still looks as good as it did a month and a half ago. More importantly, though, I now realize that holding onto things for the sake of holding onto them wasn't doing me any good. I was surrounded by "mountains of things", and because of that, I was unable to see just how miserable that made me. It feels great going into 2018 with such a clean space. Turns out cleaning up actually can be "life-changing" after all.

Posted: 1st January 2018
Paul Forté
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