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I'll Be Glad When You Dead You Rascal You
by Loius Armstrong and Louis Jordan
About a year before he died, my dad called me up and as soon as I put the phone to my ear, I knew he had something he was burstin' to tell me.

"D'ya know who died?" says he. (This is not an unusual way for Irish people to start a conversation.)
"Who?" says I.
"M********y," says he, "The Garda Superintendent". (The Garda are the Irish police).
"Did he?" says I.
"He did" says he. And then he added, with a mixture of satisfaction and triumph, "And there was no one at his funeral......" (Such a thing would be mortifying for an Irish person, sure you'd die of the shame of it, if you weren't dead already).

Now you have to understand that this Garda and my Da had a fractious relationship for years -- throughout the 70s and 80s, at least, and it's fair to say they neither of them could stand one another. In fact, they were the bane of one another's existence. So when my Da reported on the shocking turnout at this man funeral, it was vindication of sorts for my father, proof that he had been right in regarding this particular peeler as "a miserable arsehole".
"Not even the guards from his own barracks went! They couldn't stand him! Sure his own wife didn't go to the funeral"
"I thought she was dead" says I.
"Well" says he "that's probably why she wasn't there!"

That was my father's way, death was a part of life, laughing and joking about it was what you do. So when his time came, I said to him "Well Da, you outlived all your enemies".
"I did" says he and I could hear the smile in his voice "Ah sure now, I didn't have many enemies......."
No Da, rascal and rogue that you were, you didn't have many enemies . And them that were, were "miserable arseholes" anyway.

United States
Posted: 31st May 2018
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