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Fred vom Jupiter
by Andreas Dorau und die Marinas
This was quite a cult hit in 1981 in Germany. The song started as part of a school project, not in art academy as you would expect, but in high school. "The song, which features a rather simplistic synth line, was initially overseen by music teacher Jürgen Krefft, but credits to the song went to 17-year-old Andreas Dorau. Krefft was never credited for the music.

"Fred vom Jupiter" had – admittedly – rather childlike lyrics and themes, dealing with an attractive alien called Fred, who came from Jupiter. The alien’s rocket ship runs out of fuel, lands and he begins getting it on with Earth ladies. As the local men become more and more jealous, Fred is driven away, just as he discovers fuel to split. As you do.

In keeping with the (relatively) childlike elements of the song, the vocals were sung by five children, all of whom were between the ages of 11 and 13 years old. The B-Side to “Fred vom Jupiter” is a rather quaint and solemn track, “Auch die Heimat ist Nicht Mehr Schön” (meaning “The Motherland is Not Nice Anymore Either”), a numbing instrumental telling of Fred’s home planet:

Andreas Dorau followed a career in television and film, mainly writing soundtracks and acting as a consultant on productions. In 1996, Dorau had a top-ten hit in France with the fantastic “Girls in Love”, that should have been a world wide hit single

In 1982, "Fred vom Jupiter" was released in the UK by Daniel Miller via his Mute Records (of Depeche Mode fame - I am pretty sure that the UK release was as Die Doraus & die Marinas. @desmondbullen juked that one in July 2016.) But by then, I already had paid way too much for a (difficult to get) copy of the original single on German indie label Ata Tak.

Thanks to @FelipeBandido for the inspiration by using the hashtag #CosmicSpaceJam earlier today.
1981 - Ata Tak - Germany
Posted: 10th December 2018
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