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by Jimmy Cicero
Because Saturday night is for dancing...

From a short bio that I found at
Jimmy Cicero was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and started playing piano and singing professionally when he was about 12. His mother played saxophone and sang in a band with Jimmy’s aunt who played piano. That band played for many, many years in the East Bay Area. Jimmy's first gig was singing at a church dance in 1957. two years after Elvis Presley’s emergence and three years into the rock ’n’ roll era. Cicero was also a composer. Three of his songs were part of the soundtrack of films by Francis Ford Coppola.

(I wondered which songs and which movies, but could not find the answer. Suzie Q is in Apocalypse now, but that song was written by Dale Hawkins, with his band mate Robert Chaisson.)
1962 - Penthouse - United States
Posted: 5th October 2019
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