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If (from the Original Soundtrack of 'Anne no Nikki')
by Michael Nyman Band with Hilary Summer
If Jewish girl Anne Frank was not murdered in the German concentration camp Bergen-Belsen, she could have turned ninety years old today. As someone wrote earlier today: "Anne Frank isn't ancient history. She's 3 years younger than Queen Elizabeth, 7 years younger than Betty White, and only 1 year older than my father. She could've easily been here now."

Anne no Nikki, also known as The Diary of Anne Frank, is a 1995 Japanese anime film based on Anne Frank's The Diary of a Young Girl. It is a feature film by Madhouse, was directed by Akinori Nagaoka.

Nagaoka's film features a score composed by Michael Nyman, including two songs, "If" (which incorporates "Time Lapse" from A Zed & Two Noughts) and "Why," which have become concert works. The former also appeared in an altered form in the film, The Libertine. The singer is contralto Hilary Summers. "Candlefire" as well as piano-only versions of "If" and Why" appear on Nyman's 2005 release, The Piano Sings:

And that diary in the photo is the original one. A gift for her 13th birthday.
1995 - Virgin - United Kingdom - "We're less than a lifetime from the Holocaust, and I'm in no way convinced that we've learned a damned thing."
Posted: 12th June 2019
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