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by Pink Floyd
Day 11. A song from your first concert

I guess I've seen a few bands in school or in the local youth club before this one. But my first big show was on a Friday night in February 1977: Pink Floyd, Ahoy Hall in Rotterdam. I was 16. Me and a friend had to ask for permission to leave school earlier to be in time for the show in Rotterdam, that was a few hours by train from where we lived.

The Floyd performed their complete brand new album 'Animals'. After a 20 minute break they did all songs of their 4 year old album 'Wish You Were Here' and, as an encore, 'Money' from 'Dark Side of the Moon'. 11 songs in over 150 minutes: . I bought a T-Shirt and a poster. We stayed at a youth hostel that night and took the train back home the next morning.

A few months later, punk rock broke. From then on I went only to concerts of bands that could do 11 songs within 30 minutes.
1977 - EMI - United Kingdom
Posted: 11th April 2019
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