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'Y' Deluxe Unboxed with Thief of Fire as Soundtrack
by The Pop Group
So two weeks ago, one of my all time favorite albums was re-released as a box-set.

Catalogue Number: TPGYBOX1
4 x Black Vinyl 180 gram
40 page 12" sized booklet
3 posters
Including Y album cut using half speed mastering at Abbey Road
High definition download of all audio
Y plectrum

This is the 40th Anniversary Edition of The Pop Group's highly influential and innovative debut album ‘Y’ released in 1979, remastered (from the original tapes) and cut half speed at Abbey Road. The Pop Group will be touring at the end of 2019 and throughout 2020 in support of the album release.

Pitchfork, Top 100 Albums of the 1970s (#35)
"This is a record of dire necessity, armed for combat against a long litany of ills—none more than typicality."

Wire, 100 Most Important Records Ever Made
"A maelstrom of dub and distortion effects, a tempest of extremes… Rage, terror, anguish, all hurtle past and round you: time and space feel violently mutable. Digital technology may have made all the cut-and-paste herein easy, but it's never produced so deliriously, maddeningly protean a piece of music."

Pop Matters, Top 50 Best Post-Punk Albums Ever
"The Pop Group were unique in that every song on their hugely influential album Y seemed like it could fall apart at any moment, but even in their loosest moments they somehow managed to contain the turmoil long enough to create something bold, dramatic, meticulously organized"

Mark Fisher, FACT Magazine
"Y sounded incandescent, incendiary; as if the relics of rock were being melted before our very ears…years have done nothing to lessen the sheer weirdness of Y. In fact, time has only intensified its bizarreness. In the destranged world of today’s ‘alternative’ rock, the album sounds more impossible than ever…Joy Division’s Closer is often considered the crown jewel of post-punk, but Y – inchoate with potential, the fire to Joy Division’s ice – has an equal claim."

2019 - Mute - United Kingdom - Originally released in 1979
Posted: 15th November 2019
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