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I Remember Me
by Silver Jews
Although Nastovich stayed on board, I came to Silver Jews in what you might call the post-Pavement period. Bright Flight and Tanglewood Numbers were played over and over and over, and I think that it was probably this song that I obsessed over most.

Berman was perhaps the most gifted lyricist of his generation, he peopled his songs with hundreds of characters and short stories in the most literary way.

He knew the value of silence for a few beats, his phrasing was second to none, he was alternately funny, surprising and sad.

Rest In Peace. Always close to our hearts, our beautiful Silver Jew.
Posted: 8th August 2019
Into: Country, Country-Blues, old style acoustic blues, indie, folk, indie-pop, slightly left-field electronica, post-rock, post-hardcore, Erin McKeown. Me: Sussex By The Sea, raised on New Order, Fugazi, Pavement and Palace. Always looking for new songs and new coffee roasters. #timj #connachtrugby #bhafc
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