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How interesting is Beck’s music? Oh, so very. In a single short paragraph in a CoS review, he was compared to The Beastie Boys, Bob Dylan, plus “…he also brought in folk, avant-noise, country, and Princely electro-funk; the dominant sonic signatures of his first and greatest hit were a slide guitar and an electric sitar. Namely, he took The Replacements’ guileless genre-dabbling to positively DGAF (don’t give a “f”) heights with lyrics to match.”

He walks a fabulous line. He wrote a fun and yet dark pop album. He’s a genius and a virtuoso.

(3rd verse)
It's your life, falling like a hot knife, call your wife.
Secular times, these times...
my demon's on the cell phone to your demons.
Nothing's even right or wrong - it's irrelevant.
Elephant in the room goes boom.
Standing on the lawn doin' jiu jitsu,
girl in a bikini with the Lamborghini shih tzu

It's your life, you gotta try to get it right
Look around, don't forget where you came from
It's just another perfect night
2017 - The Album: Colors
Posted: 8th January 2018
“We’re just animals that, left to our own devices, will kill each other...” Trent Reznor
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