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Talent Show
by The Replacements
This song is in the new Replacements box set, and though the new mix (which is actually the way they wanted the record to sound at the time) is excellent, I have always wanted to jam this version. this is Paul Westerberg milking the irony of being a band "for your consideration" a commentary on the very awards show they were performing at. It captures the fun and fumbles of a nervous band at a talent show. Aren't we all forever auditioning? Very dramatic, from Tommy Stinson's opening line, wondering "How the hell did we end up here?". This sense of "playing the part" was intentional, based on a comparison to the new mix (the way they originally intended it to sound) that is out with their box set.

On the new mix they give it that "live" feel of fumbling, adding adlibs etc. and the very authentic feel of pulling out all the stops (on the recording below), even adding a playful banjo in the middle. Just like you'd try in a talent show to look cooler while failing. It's both commentary and conceit for a band chafing at Big Label production and management. 'Tis a great joy to watch above, or listen below:

Bearsville Mix:

In my waxed up hair and my painted shoes
Got an offer that you might refuse
Tonight, tonight, we're gonna take a stab
Come on along, we'll grab a cab

We ain't much to look at so
Close your eyes, here we go
We're playin' at the talent show

Well it's the biggest thing in my life I guess
Look at us all, we're nervous wrecks
Hey, we go on next
1989 - Sire/Reprise - Live at an Awards Show
Posted: 4th September 2019
“We’re just animals that, left to our own devices, will kill each other...” Trent Reznor
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