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by Cash Money & Marvelous
I've just discovered Funk Republic Radio on TuneIn and I'm hooked. It's a mix of old funk, hip-hop, soul, electro, etc. and it's right up my strasse. I should be putting up some long-forgotten funk joint from the 70s, and I nearly did. This selection was almost Jimmy "Bo" Horne's 'Dance Across The Floor'. BUT....!

I recognised the track from this Cash Money & Marvelous track which I really like and remember was done live on ITV's N-Sign Radio TV show, hosted by a young Tim Westwood. Which made me think about hip-hop duos - an MC and a DJ. Sometimes, the MC overshadows the DJ because of personality, lyricism, etc., say hello Rakim. Sometimes, it's a duo of equals, like GangStarr. Occasionally, to me, the DJ is much better than the MC. This is one of those instances. Cash Money won DMC's World DJ Mixing competition in the same year this record was released. I can't remember Marvelous's lyrics being of the same standard as Cash Money's DJ skills. And I can't remember another of their records - apart from Ugly People Be Quiet, which I'm trying to forget....

Another duo that falls into this category (in my humble etc) ? DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince.

Yep. The Fresh Prince that went on to be Will Smith - with many hits, millions of record sales and a successful acting career under his belt. He was never as good a rapper as Jazzy Jeff is a DJ. Listen to Live At Union Square on 'He's The DJ, I'm The Rapper'. No contest. You'll probably disagree but there it is. My hip-hop snobbery is out in the open.

Anyhoo, enjoy this for Cash Money's scratching, Jimmy Bo Horne's hook, or, if you like, Marvelous's lyrics.
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Posted: 13th November 2016
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