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Kkringg Beyond NGGGGG
by The Flying Luttenbachers
Last week I drug my old bones out on to the street, on a "school night" even, to see Lydia Lunch's new band play live here in the ol' P-Burgh. That's totally what we call it here. don't bother asking a native, they'll just deny it.
@vomitsunami was in attendance as well.
ANYway, her newest band is spearheaded by a man who is known as Weasel Walter. I've been following this lad's career since the mid 90s when he was in a free jazz outfit name of The Flying Luttenbachers. He's a ridiculously sick drummer, but generally regarded as multi-instrumentalist. The Flying Luttenbachers eventually morphed from free jazz to noise improvisational to what they termed "brutal prog" (including an amazing cover of Magma's De Futura) to no longer a band. I saw them live in various locales with various line-ups several times and always loved it.

This is from the Brutal Prog era. Please to enjoy with full volume on speakers. Headphones, tho, probably not advised (do as a I say not as I do).

another noise band he was in called To Live And Shave In LA 2 played here in the very late 90s, and my friend Adam interviewed them for a zine I sometimes wrote reviews for. He let me and a third friend sit in on the interview, and Weasel said interesting things while the rest of the band tried to seem either very "out there" and "transgressive" or completely apathetic (I.E - Drunk). I'd link to it, it's easily findable thru a google search, but the one question I asked was very cringe-worthy and off the top of my head and I kind of felt stupid the second I asked it, even tho Weasel did try to answer it. ah, youth.
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Posted: 31st July 2017
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