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Get Together
by Hamilton Camp
Early morning Aug 17th, I heard a radio DJ on my favorite station say, "stay safe Portland. Have a good Saturday. Avoid downtown, those guys are a bunch of dweebs" before he signed off.

My father texted me his love from Texas, “Now remember dear, stay on the sidewalk, you're not supposed to be in the street, really it's supposed to be in the park, be careful, wear your armor, and have a good clash!”

Trump tweeted out about making Antifa a terrorist group. Saying he's “watching Portland's actions closely.”

Meanwhile our antifascist marching band dressed up as bananas, danced, and played music by the waterfront.

Other things that happened in Portland Saturday : A rad and hilarious adult soap box derby on Mt Tabor. Herbie Hancock performed at the Zoo. The O-bon festival took place at the Japanese Garden. A 5k marathon happened on the waterfront. As for myself, I had a nice hike in Forest Park. People were out walking their dogs, shopping, eating out. Here's an even longer list of events that happened on the 17th, if you are curious:

All these wonderful things mere minutes away from the Alt Right rally on our waterfront. But you’ll not hear about those things! Instead, you'll hear about the Proud Boys. You'll hear people claim that Portland is lawless, dangerous, and that we are being torn asunder by...*checks notes* ...rioting? ...really?

Last I checked, 21 people died while shopping in a Walmart in El Paso, Texas. But, please, tell me more about how Portland Oregon is a danger zone.

Don't be hoodwinked by these men.

Every couple of months, ever since Trump was elected, the Proud Boys announce that they are coming to my city. This isn't new. Every couple of months my friends and co-workers exchange words like, “those assholes are coming back. Stay safe!” These dudes revel in the idea of getting to intimidate, and punch Portlanders. They bang their war drums for weeks leading up to their descents on the city. They pile in to buses...and bring their violent tendencies. They repeatedly attempt to start shit. They get the media attention they crave, and they play at being victims. My friend calls them "Truly legendary babies". They've taken to calling themselves "Portland's Liberation." It's laughable, but also gross. My eyes just rolled so hard I can now see my own ass.

They are now threatening to return to Portland monthly. Damn dudes. I don’t know...Get a hobby? I’m so tired of them souring our weekends. The only time I feel stifled in Portland is when these people bus into town. Proud Boys, go home! You don't even go here.
Posted: 18th August 2019
Ally Haller
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