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99 Bottles
by Zane Williams
Yesterday I was back to being whatever my normal is thanks to you guys listening to my boring rambles. My beans, cornbread and purple onion did a lot to help too. And today I have adrenaline pumping for my Cowboys game what does a big one against the Eagles. Right now we're in first place but you can never downplay the Super Bowl champs. We barely won the first game against them. It came down to a shoestring game-saving tackle by our little rookie linebacker Vander Esch who was actually booed at the NFL draft when Uncle Jerry Jones the Cowboys' first pick. The kid went to the smallest High School I have ever heard of. 13 kids, 11 boys, and 2 girls. On a Sunday Night Football game the announcers we're Makin some fun about what the high school prom was like. Our last game was against the high-flying New Orleans Saints that had been averaging an unusually high score every game and we shut them down defensively. Our offense is sluggish except for our running back Zeke Elliot.

The reason for this song today it's because of an amazing invention. The #HistoryJuke shows that On this day in 1814 Joseph Bramah died. An English engineer, among his many inventions, was a beer engine, used to deliver beer from keg to glass without artificial carbonation being added.

A beer engine is a device for pumping beer from a cask, usually located in a pub's cellar.

The beer engine was invented by John Lofting, a Dutch inventor, merchant and manufacturer who moved from Amsterdam to London in about 1688 and patented a number of inventions including a fire hose and engine for extinguishing fires and a thimble knurling machine. The London Gazette of 17 March 1691 stated "the patentee hath also projected a very useful engine for starting of beers and other liquors which will deliver from 20 to 30 barrels an hour which are completely fixed with brass joints and screws at reasonable rates."

The locksmith and hydraulic engineer Joseph Bramah developed beer pumping further in 1797.

The beer engine is normally manually operated, although electrically powered and gas powered pumps are occasionally used; when manually powered, the term handpump is often used to refer to both the pump and the associated handle.

The beer engine is normally located below the bar with the visible handle being used to draw the beer through a flexible tube to the spout, below which the glass is placed. Modern hand pumps may clamp onto the edge of the bar or be mounted on the top of the bar.

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Zane Williams is a #TexasTuesday singer-songwriter out of Abilene. Texas. I have a story or few about visiting in that town multiple times!

"Bringin' Country Back" is more than a catchphrase for Zane Williams. It is a rallying cry for a return to authenticity and substance in mainstream country music, and a fitting title for his sixth studio album. "I think of country music as poetry for the common man," he says reflectively. "The stories that draw you in, the simple truth stated in a way you wish you could've said...there's an honesty to country music that totally grabbed me the first time I heard it."

That plain-spoken, down-home honesty has now become the calling card for Zane's own career, landing him four #1 songs on the Texas radio charts, opening gigs with heroes like George Jones and Alan Jackson, and even an invitation to perform at the Grand Ole Opry in 2015. The genuine quality of his music is no fluke. In a world where most popular music is created by committee, Zane writes the vast majority of his songs alone, whenever the inspiration strikes. "I get a lot of ideas while I'm busy doing other tasks," he says, "say driving down the road, or doing dishes, or mowing the yard. My wife can always tell when I'm working on a song because my toe is tapping, my lips are moving, and I can't hear a word she's saying."
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#BeerJam #HappyJam #FootballJam

Shaka gets to feel good at least through Wednesday when the next treatment of little creatures are dripped inside of me via IV.

JAM ON Jukers!!!
2009 - United States
Posted: About 19 hours ago
Jim Svitak
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