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Chicken, Gravy And Biscuit
by Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials

December 14th is National Biscuits and Gravy Day!

Shaka is going to add some chicken a make this God is good a #ChickenJam for @natyblooming who I forgot the tag in my Colombian Jam a couple of weeks ago that is no longer available. Doh! Biscuits and gravy it's probably the most popular School breakfast here in this small town. The 74-year-old guy, Larry, that used to help me in the home still helps make the biscuits and gravy for the football team on game days. I know it was my young ones favorite to eat at school. I was never a big fan of it myself gone up as I preferred the sweet stuff. Larry had given me some raspberry jalapeno jelly back then that was fantastic. If I was up to it, I would try to make some biscuits on my own except for if I had that kind of energy and ability to stand that long I would end up making my usual 7 egg omelette so that I could retain my omelette King Honors that go back and forth between and my second oldest son. These #FoodJam s always make me so dadgum hungry!

While growing up my parents always make biscuits from scratch which seems pretty easy. Most of the younger people, today like my young ones, use the pop 'em biscuits. Those aren't the ones and the container that you peel the side of the label and then headed on the counter until it pops open. I get 14 meals delivered to me every other week and I may add biscuits and gravy to the next order. On the rare occasion when I do eat that I like it loaded with pepper and hot sauce. When I eat those home-delivered meals I drop 10 lbs in a week okay. When I eat my own cooking I gained 10 lb in a week. My nurse always likes to bring me food too. She is bringing over garlic chicken pasta this morning. She and I used to bump heads quite but there is no better peace offering been bringing good food to Shaka!

Lil' Ed And The Blues Imperials is a #blues band #IKknowNothingAbout

Here are today’s five food things to know about biscuits and gravy:

Biscuits and gravy is a popular breakfast dish in the South. It consists of a doughy biscuit covered in sausage or sawmill gravy, made for the drippings of cooked pork sausage and flavored with black pepper.

The meal emerged after the American Revolutionary War, when food stock was in short supply.

It became a popular dish for Southern plantation workers because the ingredients were cheap and in abundance.

The word “biscuit” comes from a Latin word “bis” which means to cook.

It’s also known as a “gravy biscuit.”

Shaka sez Happy Friday!

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