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A backward walking animal only one thing on one of Shaka's jukes and that is a jam by sizzling # TexasTuesday band Black Pistol Fire that young Dart chucking @aberrantanna introduced me to a long time ago. With this new song followed by a busy spring concert schedule, I can only hope that they put out a new album by the end of the year. Wishful thinking I am sure.

The #AnimalGIFsOnFriday is from the silent #cheese THE BETTER 'OLE, a silent from 1926 starring Charlie Chaplin's older half-brother Syd Chaplin.

Old Bill, a jovial Limey sergeant, discovers that the major of his regiment is a German spy in collusion with Gaspard, the local innkeeper. The spies mistrust him and poison his wine; but it spills and eats a hole in the floor through which Gaspard falls into the cellar. Trying to rescue him, Bill discovers a cote of carrier pigeons. Tipped off by the major, the Germans bomb an opera house where Bill and Alf are performing; they escape, however, in their impersonation of a horse and later pose as German soldiers in a German regiment. Bill manages to get a photograph of the major greeting the German general, but it falls into the hands of Joan, a prisoner of war. Bill is forced to join a German attack against the British, and though he saves his own regiment, he is shot as a German spy. An old friend, however, has substituted blank cartridges for the real ones, and Bill is pardoned when Joan and his friend Bert arrive with the incriminating photograph.

The second Vitaphone feature, with music and sound effects, after Don Juan (1926).

The second filmed version of the hit musical comedy that was originally performed on the London stage, while World War I was still raging, in 1917. It ran for 811 performances.

The film and the earlier musical comedies are based on a popular cartoon character Old Bill, an Cockney-born British infantryman, drawn by Bruce Bairnsfather.

The print of the film in the Turner library, and released on DVD through Warner Archive includes the original 1926 Vitaphone music score, with some sound effects and singing. At one point, Harold Goodwin whispers a word to Sydney Chaplin which is also faintly heard.
~ Trivia bits courtesy of IMDB

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Clip of SYD CHAPLIN in The Better 'Ole 1926 -

Shaka's second oldest son, @Anarchy4Life , brought me chicken Verde enchiladas from his cooking couple friends that are about to open a restaurant made-from-scratch they were fantastic I have just enough left over for breakfast too!

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Posted: 11th January 2019
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