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Her Strut
by Bob Seger
Day 21: A song that makes you wanna strut your fabulous stuff
#BottomsUp #cheese and lots of it!

This was one of my songs for when Shaka would go to the other dance club Shaka liked that was called The Rock and Roll Clinic. It wasn't too far from the Jazz Cellar I wrote about this time for last year's April challenge which you can check out below if interested. This club was not as cramped and had a decent sized dance floor. It was not huge either as you could pretty much see all parts of the club from any place. Around the Dance Floor, That was a short bar you could rest your drinks on and sit at to watch people dance. I really liked this place because it had my favorite hawaii rock band Teazer make this one of their regular songs. They reminded me of Bad Company on a much smaller scale of course. I would even see this band a couple of years later and Fort Worth Texas! I wish I could find a recording of their album. It has a solid cover all of the Allman Brothers tune 'Jessica' along with mostly original music including dance hit 'Rock Out With Your Cock Out'

Shaka does not go out of his way to see a Jane Fonda flicks although she has made quite a few good ones that he likes quite a bit. My favorite is her Western with the late great Lee Marvin, Cat Ballou who steals the show. When my papa saw this at the drive-in they had to stay all night to watch the replay since he missed the cross-legged horse.
Cat Ballou HD trailer -


Shaka Sez it's a perfect morning outside calling for a Sunday morning corn dog walk or roll or whatever.

JAM ON Jukers!!!
1980 - Capitol Records - United States
Posted: 21st April 2019
Jim Svitak
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