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an oh man #ThirstyThursday and I haven't even worked since January '17. Doing some 12 oz curls Auntie better than finding a heavy jagged rock to fix my two computers! I didn't even get to my cancer treatments yesterday which really me off! It was nobody's fault but my own. A little creatures day trip inside of me has made me confused at times. I am fortunate in the state I live in they provide me was a ride to all medical appointments. When I made the appointment or yesterday it was way too early and they gave me the date that I had to wait until making arrangements for a ride. Apparently, I forgot all about it and waited around until about an hour after they were supposed to be here before making calls. Now I have to wait until next week which I really did not want to do because I saw that I was going to have to talk to the doctor and head nurse which has never happened before. Apparently, they have something to tell me. The one positive thing is that they will be making arrangements for my ride are on out. I can't believe I have to do this crap through November. It puts another check mark in the column of reasons to stop this treatment.

What is the fun part of this #JukeBlog the gremlin drinking beer upside down reminded me of my sister. She used to go to the same Rock and Roll dance club that I did. She even dated a bass player from one of the bands that played there. We would even dance together on occasion. I would often dance with her gorgeous friends. The rock and roll clubs in Hawaii or dominated by male patrons so it was great that she got her friends addicted to that club also. The club was very small and cramped which kind of made it for fun. Across the street was an even tinier pizza joint. During breaks, she would go over there and do upside downers. She always wanted me to do that with her but no way Jose Cuervo! I mean that literally. The upside downers she would do was mixing a margarita in the mouth of the drinker. (video below) She was the queen of that. This was on the opposite side of the island so what's the drive home I did not mean to smell like Jose Cuervo if you know what I mean and I think you do.

A bit of trivia about GREMLINS. It was almost directed by Tim Burton but Steven Spielberg didn't want him since he had only directed short movies up to that point. I don't know if he would have made it better or worse but I do know that it would have been an entirely different flick.

#HistoryJuke #earthsongs
Lost Dutchman State Park is located on the Apache Trail, State Route 88, north of Apache Junction. Highway 88 crosses the northwest portion of the Park, private land is on the south, and the Tonto National Forest on the north and east. The Park provides views and access to the most scenic portions of the legendary Superstition Mountains and maintains facilities to support the recreational activities. The famous tales of the Lost Dutchman Gold Mine are known throughout the world, with travelers from all over coming to seek the legend and experience the mystery. If not in search of the gold, they become entranced with the golden opportunities to experience the beautiful and rugged area known as the Superstition Wilderness accessible by trails from the Park.
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This along with Spielberg's INDIANA AND THE TEMPLE OF DOOM is what led to Steven suggesting PG-13 rating as you can see in the
Kitchen Scene -

Upsidedowners at The Pennant Bar -

Shaka's getting a buzz just from watching the videos!

JAM ON Jukers!!!
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Posted: 7th March 2019
Jim Svitak
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