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Day 11.
A song from your first concert
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Technically speaking for a few different first concerts when I was much younger. The first real concert was Fleetwood Mac when I was a sophomore in high school. At first, my parents were apprehensive about letting me go what's a bunch of other high school kids this concert. Ultimately the Good Gunner talked my mom into letting me go since I was the ultimate The previous year they let me go to a party with my High School tennis team and when I got home I was truthful and told them about the weed that I was offered and turned down. Up to that point, the only beer I drank really was when I asked my dad to have a beer with him and his friend while fishing in Key West Florida. That's what he told me when I was young is to ask him instead of sneaking around behind his back.

An acquaintance picks me up in his car and while we were driving to pick up more people he poured in the side of the road by a wooded area and park the car. He went inside the woods and came out with a cooler full of beer that he stashed there so his parents wouldn't know about it. We had about six of us in the car going to the concert. We had decent tickets on the side of the floor section and I felt like I could see everything which was really good especially when they played 'Oh Well' which I had never heard before. I wouldn't find out until almost 15 years later that they weren't a blues band before when I saw John McVie play in John Mayall's original Blues Breakers reunion tour. 'Oh Well' was my favorite Jam of the night. Since those days, 'Landslide' has probably become my favorite tune of that lineup.

One of the girls that went with us watch sitting directly across the arena from us and her favorite tune of that night was 'Rhiannon'. She cried uncontrollably for almost an hour after the concert because she felt she would never see them again. I had no idea at a concert would be so much larger than life. I used to see every concert that came to ?h?awaii regardless of genre. $8 a pop was not bad I want to $10 I slow down. When it went way up to $12 I started to get choosy about which bands I would see. Ticket prices now are crazy.

The warm-up band that night was Stephen Bishop and at the end of that, I was so overtaken I thought it would be impossible to match his performance. LOL!

Shaka loves nostalgia!

?JAM ON Jukers!!!?
1977 - Live in Japan 1977
Posted: 11th April 2019
Jim Svitak
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