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Toda la vida
by Fuel Fandango
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Shaka has a new #WeirdAssWednesday duo he likes almost as much as France's Shaka Ponk so I'm sure there will be more Jams coming from them in the future. I found them by accident, as I do most bands while looking for a singing actress from Spain. Felt like that should be an easy thing to do but gave up and went down the trusty of Prog and Psychedelic Rock road when looking for songs I liked in foreign countries.

This has been a fun World Cup so far and I really enjoyed watching Spain and their previous match. I find it ironic that the USA supports women's team more than many other countries despite the lack of interest in this country or the most part. Just come to visit me and I mention won men's World Cup that response is usually, 'Huh?' at best. I will skip what they say at worst. LOL! My favorite part of the beautiful game is the frantic defense around the goal. I actually like that more than scoring the goals. Those miracle saves trip me out and make my heart skip a few beats. Are these girls are tough and remind me of the Energizer Bunny with their endless energy and enthusiasm!

Fuel Fandango ?are described on as - Genre: Electronic, Latin Style: Funk, Flamenco
Fuel Fandango is a duo from Spain formed by Ale Acosta and Nita.

Fuel Fandango looks can be deceiving. Ale Acosta, with his harmless guitar and Nita, tiny and fragile at a first glance impression, both are fire on stage. Their music proposal is ambitious, rich, fun. Its purpose is dancing, spark the fun, in order to get that they trust their live acts to a experienced music formation.

Fuel Fandango is electronic organic music, rock, funk and a subtle touch of southern flamenco music.

It is Ale Acosta's new project, DJ and producer of Mojo Project ( 3 albums published and a cult-band in Spain). He also helds two Spanish Music Awards'08 nominations and a "Producer of the Year" nomination in the Latin Grammy Awards'08.

He has mixed several artists including Buika, Jose Merce, Ojos de Brujo, The Pinkertones, etc…

The other half is Nita, singer from Cordoba. She's raw material, golden southern sound bearing flamenco in his soul and black music in her throat. Pure art on stage.

In late 2009 they achieved third place at the Heineken Greenspace V Edition among more than 1400 bands. They were chosen by several industry proffesionals including some Radio3 hosts.

Earlier this year they were finalists at The Music Think Tank International Awards, being the first Spanish band to reach the final competing with bands from all over the world.

I never ate yesterday during the games so the nurse better get here and do her thang early so I can get busy in the kitchen!

Shaka wonders what @debutch like to eat when he traveled to Spain? That question goes for anybody else who spent some time there. Shaka loves food talk!

JAM ON Jukers!!!
2016 - Warner Music Spain - Spain
Posted: 12th June 2019
Jim Svitak
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