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Streets Of Laredo (Cowboy's Lament)
by John Cale

A coffin as furniture? back in '81 I had a co-worker that had major mental health issues. The lady who ran our office was good friends with his mom so that's why she gave him a chance at our inventory company. There was no hiding his crazy in the way he dressed and acted. He was like somebody you only see in movies. There was a good guy in there somewhere. Our boss was a beer drinker so there was a lot of drinking in the office after long jobs. She finally told us what happened to him. He was once a high school math teacher and at the end of one year they had a pizza party and the kids thought it would be funny to put 'shrooms and other hallucinogenic on the pizza. Basically his mind snapped and never came back to what he wants was.

He would call all of the girls in our office at night time when we didn't work. Obviously it would freak them out a little bit but they would never hang up on him because they never wanted to be the last one that talked to him if he did something dangerous. He ended up buying a coffin for his small studio apartment. He did this to remind him daily of how precious life was. He put his TV on top of it so that he would have look at it everyday throughout the day. I admired the guy for his attempts to live like the rest of us.

Unfortunately that all came to an end one day. He was not allowed to have caffeine and we never really knew why. One day one of my co-workers and to this day I do not know which one gave him a soda pop with caffeine in it. He kind of went nuts in front of customers talking to himself and getting really hyper. It scared the customers enough to call the police so our boss ended up firing him.

He was a funny guy both when meant to and when he didn't mean to if you know what I mean and I think you do. I wish I had the mind then I have now so that I could have been more protective of him. Looking back on things he may have been schizophrenic. I am no doctor but I have had a few friends with schizophrenia. He was similar to them.

The song is widely considered to be a traditional ballad. It was first published in 1910 in John Lomax's Cowboy Songs and Other Frontier Ballads.

The lyrics appear to be primarily descended from an Irish folk song of the late 18th century called "The Unfortunate Rake", which also evolved (with a time signature change and completely different melody) into the New Orleans standard "St. James Infirmary Blues". The Irish ballad shares a melody with the British sea-song "Spanish Ladies". The Bodleian Library, Oxford, has copies of a 19th-century broadside entitled "The Unfortunate Lad", which is a version of the British ballad. Some elements of this song closely presage those in the "Streets of Laredo" and in the "St. James Infirmary Blues".

There were a few SundaySoothers? to choose from but I picked John Cale's (Velvet Underground) version because it captured my imagination and a different way. Burl Ives, Waylon Jennings and Marty Robbins all have excellent colors of the tune. It's been in a some certified shaka classic #cheese as seen below.

BANG THE DRUM SLOWLY offers up a #BaseballJam version - (One of the top 5 baseball flicks ever)
Trailer -

THREE GODFATHERS - (John Wayne as a bank robber turned good)
Trailer -

shaka sez this juke's for you Larry wherever you may be.

JAM ON Jukers!!!
1981 - A&M Records - United Kingdom
Posted: 1st April 2018
Jim Svitak
I rambled therefore I am ------- #cheese, #TIMJweek, #HistoryJuke #WeirdAssWednesday #CensorshipSaturday, #bonusfeatures, #TexasTuesday, #Australia , #Iceland, #covers, #2016SuckedButWeDidnt #PizzaJam #BaseballJam, #JazzStandards #SciFiSaturday, #vomitcoverstheearth, #SlappingDaBass, #BetterThanTheOriginal, #forthechildren, #acidjazz, #HeavyWeek, #hiphopheads, #keepitcreepy, #Oklahoma #Hawaii, #sixtiesbestpop, #seventiesbestpop, #eightiesbestpop, #Olympics #OlympicWeeks #SundaySoother #FunkyFriday #IknowNothingAbout #BalticBrass -- JAM ON Jukers!!!
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