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Since joining TIMJ what seems like a lifetime ago I have made friends from different countries. Every place has its own food, culture, and especially music. I have been wanting to do this for quite some time and that is to introduce yet another new tag #CultureJams . It can be anything that is different from where you live. It can be culture, music, movies, or basically anything that is different from what you see every day where you live. Since it is #WeirdAssWednesday I'm taking a mellow tune and applying it to the weird ass dating culture Iceland. The band is a #TexasTuesday favorite of @aberrantanna and Shaka. Because of their harder blues-rock style and other songs I had called them Texas Tuesday before they move to Austin, Texas the land of @dacia and @shitsterbauer 's dive bar hopping Adventures and probably where Shaka would be living if he was just a tiny bit smarter younger days (the 80s and the naughts).

Now on to the wonderful and where does beautiful volcanic land Iceland. I could end this weird-ass Wednesday culture shock with just the gif I used while #TimeZoning on New Year's Eve one of the dishes that they eat. but I can't because it gets a whole lot more fun than fighting your food. I won't ramble about it too much McAlester videos explain it a whole lot better than I would be able to. First off, there is the cousin app which some already know about. Everybody, there is related so there is an app on your phone you see how many cousins apart you are. If you are 4th cousins or further you are fine. I can't remember for sure but it seems like @vomitsunami may have brought that up before in a comment to a different #Iceland song in the past. Here is the part that really trips out guys that I have told here. Dating and sex are in reverse order there. From watching many more videos then I will share her the girls seem to think that dating somewhat of a commitment so you have sex first to see if you will be compatible. While watching these videos and reading quite a bit I have found out Iceland is the most feminist and liberal country in the world.

I first started to notice a difference when I was looking at a music festival where the president attended and during an interview Naman off his favorite bands one of them why is a metal band. I mean how cool is that? I wish I could find that video again because one of the performances that he saw was to female punk rockers performance in front of a giant vagina. In America, you're not even supposed to use #MuckyB language @ChrissyB 's favorite words.
#BottomsUp for @Avante and @savagetea

Dating Across Borders has been an enjoyable Shari's for me since I started watching shows with my mom when I was about 4 years old. In this three-part video about dating and Iceland, our hostess starts off by taking us to the penis museum. She is fun all of the videos updating different people from different countries exploring the stereotypes. I shared the one about dating a Polish woman with @HappyZebra . I will probably juke about some of these for #CultureJams
SINGLE'S GUIDE TO ICELAND: First Comes Sex... (PART 1/3) -

Shaka's about to ride to get another cancer treatment of the little creatures dripping inside of me.

JAM ON Jukers!!!
2016 - Sena - Iceland
Posted: 9th January 2019
Jim Svitak
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