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We Are Not Alone
by Karla Devito
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I was just wondering if there is anybody on the juice box that has never seen THE BREAKFAST CLUB? There are just some movies that it feels like everybody has seen and shared the experience with us at some point in their life. Anybody else experienced what the kids in this movie have? Shaka has a couple of times. The most intense one was when I was about 26 or 27 and was an extra for the TeeVee movie BLOOD AND ORCHIDS. I had long hair and had to cut it so that I would look like a Navy guy. That was just for one three-second scene of Me getting my ID card checked. That was a fun night that could have been born but I got to sit down with José Ferrer and talked with him for about 30 minutes and didn't even know he was 'Cyrano de Bergerac. I can't even remember what we talked about all I know is he was a kind older gentleman.'

Making movies is really boring! I used to always want to be a director but I don't think I could have ever done it. The time between shooting sings is very long. On another day we did a scene and I closed down hospital that was kind of spooky. This one was about a Massey rape case. what is a bizarre bit of History. My ex-wife blows her lid one talking about this and understandably so.

Anyway the same in the hospital has Jane Alexander going to the room to visit her daughter that was raped. All of this took so long and I had no idea why we were there just waiting and doing nothing. Me and 13 other people had to wait in this room almost like the detention. Overall we got paid for 14 hours with a crazy amount of overtime pay. By the end of that day, I knew everybody in that room and their life stories. When it finally came time to film the scene I was on a gurney as a patient being pushed by a beautiful Chinese Hawaiian lady. Under the blanket, she was tickling my feet and making me laugh. The director, Jim Thorpe, told me to stop. My beautiful Chinese Hawaiian girl then started to massage my feet which was way too exciting if you know what I mean and I think you do. I wanted to ask her out for a date but after this evening they gave her a 'face shot' that would be a scene where her face is fully seen. She had to walk Jane Alexander down the hallway and show her which room her daughter was in. The Chinese girl was bummed because that meant even though you make more money or a seem like that she was out for the rest of the movie. Some of those people or professional extras as their day job. They said in the secret to making money on the movies is avoid the camera as much as possible then you keep getting paychecks. Shaka could have paid $300 to be in the Union continue getting those kinds of jobs. It was born so I stuck with my other boring job.

Here is a bit of trivia that surprise me. Robby Benson of all people helped write the song. And better yet or him he ended up marrying Karla DeVito. They have had children together and seem to be happy. In the 70s most of us guys really like to Karla. She sang with Bruce Springsteen and meatloaf among many others.

Here are the alternate versions and cuts that had to be made to the flick. Censorship keeps us safe. Haha!

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The last 3 days have been a complete waste except for the Cowboys winning their ballgame on Thursday! Sorry about that @Bomberoy.

JAM ON Jukers!!!
1985 - A&M Records - United States
Posted: 24th November 2018
Jim Svitak
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