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LITVAK ATTACK is awe-inspiring modern hard rock, Litvak shares a common love of sound, beauty and strength. “From day one we simply set out to make the music we wanted, that our friends loved, and that we were proud of. We still do exactly that. As soon as you start trying to fit into someone else’s format you lose the plot, and a lot of self worth. That is just not Litvak”. The band unknowingly maintains a natural raw edge, resulting in some serious sonic and visual appeal. Their hard guitar driven sound undoubtedly binds the groups style. Soaring melodic vocals, deep heavy bass and fierce definitive drums, the result is surprisingly diverse. Their Debut EP “Aftershock” on the More Core label displays the best of their untamed attitude, and unmatched performance, which is the essence of Litvak Attack.

The band name is close to my last name, Svitak ( pronounced swee-tak ) which is kind of cool so for that reason, the music and visuals I will be keeping up with this #NoDudevember band which adds to the ever growing #GirlsWithGuitars

Today is the only holiday outside of anniversaries that I really enjoy...I am truly thankful every day of this bonus life I've been granted...Why haven't I died?...I'm serious...disease and misadventures should have claimed me numerous times...Now I'm boring and live through you guys and in the dream world where I have friends I visit daily

My second oldest son, The E-Man and I ate our dinner yesterday...I NEVER cook on thanksgiving...That's a day of eating leftovers the entire day while drinking beer and watching football...My dallas cowboys play every year on this day and this year we play our long time heated rivals, the Washington Redskins...They were rivals before Dallas ever had a team

Cowboys-Redskins Rivalry History

Sport Illustrated call this rivalry the top in the NFL and for good reason. As divisional rivals they see each other at least twice a season and both teams have won a combined eight Super Bowls.

But how did it all start and why? Well it’s really about a song and chicken feed.

Yep really.

A Texas oil tycoon Clint Murchison, Jr. wanted to bring an NFL team to Dallas and was having a hard time doing. In 1958 the owner of the Washington Redskins George Preston Marshall wanted to sell the team- and so the Redskins almost moved to Dallas until the last minute Marshall wanted a change in terms. Murchison wasn’t happy and the whole deal called off.

Then along came a man named Barnee Breeskin. Breeskin was the Redskin band director and the composer of “Hail to the Redskins.” Breeskin got into a disagreement with Marshall (see a pattern with this guy) and wanted revenge. Breeskin sold the rights to “Hail to the Redskins” for $2,500 to Murchison!

Murchison worked with the NFL to get an expansion team in Dallas and had every other owner’s approval- except you guessed Marshall. Even today in order to create an expanision team in the NFL you need unanimous owner’s approval and Marshall was the only hold out.

Until Marshall realized that Murchison owned the rights to a particular song. In order to get the rights back Marshall agreed to the expansion and the Dallas Cowboys were founded and began playing in 1960.

The fighting should be over right- no one more dig was needed. Back then there wasn’t free agency so in order to build a team Dallas was allowed to pick from certain players from other NFL teams– unless they were protected. Murchison picked Redskins’ Pro Bowl quarterback Eddie LeBaron as their starter. Marshall forgot to protect LeBaron.


Over the decades this rivalry was filled with intense dislike...There would be fights among the players...Political Correctness and free agency has calmed that down quite a bit...Some years the Redskins fans have been almost as loud as the Cowboy fans, even in Texas because of questionable ownership by billionaire Jerry Jones at times...This year though he has sent an 'After Shock' throughout the NFL with a brilliant preseason draft where two rookies will be considered for Rookie of the Year and the MVP awards

It's been a long time since this game has meant this much...Today is a great day...I hope to be blowing my conch shell a lot today...After every touchdown since the 70s except for a few years when I didn't have one

JAM ON Jukers!!!
2010 - New Zealand
Posted: 24th November 2016
Jim Svitak
I rambled therefore I am ------- #cheese, #TIMJweek, #HistoryJuke #WeirdAssWednesday #CensorshipSaturday, #bonusfeatures, #TexasTuesday, #Australia , #Iceland, #covers, #2016SuckedButWeDidnt #PizzaJam #BaseballJam, #JazzStandards #SciFiSaturday, #vomitcoverstheearth, #SlappingDaBass, #BetterThanTheOriginal, #forthechildren, #acidjazz, #HeavyWeek, #hiphopheads, #keepitcreepy, #Oklahoma #Hawaii, #sixtiesbestpop, #seventiesbestpop, #eightiesbestpop, #Olympics #OlympicWeeks #SundaySoother #FunkyFriday #IknowNothingAbout #BalticBrass -- JAM ON Jukers!!!
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