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by Neno Belan & Fiumens, ft. Josipa Lisac
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The Good The Bad and The Ugly
The good - I made it home in time for the game yesterday.
The bad - Doctor news in his own words was 'complicated'. I am being referred to a specialist now which means more traveling.
The ugly - I fell asleep 17 minutes into the game and woke up when the post-game started. Ugh!
I started looking at Croatian music last night because I assumed that it was going to be harder for me which turned out not true at all.

Neno Belan caught my interest because he shares the same birthday as shaka. And by same birthday, I do mean same birthday as in same date and same year. We look exactly alike except for a completely different. Ha!

Neno Belan started his career as a teenager in the band Losos, Kavijar i Marsovi Bizoni (Salmon, Caviar and Bisons from Mars). In 1980 he became a member of the band Narodno Blago (National Treasure) which performed rhythm and blues and occasionally performed as the supporting band for Split punk rock musician Fon Biški?, with whom they performed covers of The Rolling Stones, Ramones and The Clash songs. Narodno Blago disbanded in 1983, and Belan became the member of the band Aquilla. The band performed Dalmatian folk songs, and Belan played mandolin.
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I know I have heard Josipa Lisac on the jukebox before and I thought it was recently what's the World Cup. But after exploring I see that it was @roseML with

Josipa Lisac is another Aquaian born 14 February 1950) is an eminent Croatian female singer

During the 1960s she was a vocalist of the group named Zlatni Akordi. Her first solo album, Dnevnik jedne ljubavi(The Diary of a Love), recorded in 1973, was a huge success and is until today one of the most legendary albums in Croatia.

During 1987 Josipa Lisac entered preselection venue Jugovizija with hope to represent Yugoslavia in Eurovision Song Contest 1987, she sang her hit Gdje Dunav ljubi nebo (Where Danube Kisses the Sky) and had finished on 9th place out of 24 compositions, soon after releasing her album Boginja (Goddess) she became an acclaimed pop artist throughout Yugoslavia.

She had a lot of big rock hits, but she also sang Bosnian sevdalinka songs (Omer beže) and Croatian Christmassongs.

Beside being a top act of the Croatian popular music, she was also highly acclaimed in the former Yugoslav rock scene. She is known for her strong voice and unique sense of fashion.

I listened took quite a bit of both of them last night and found her more interesting. She had quite a few quality covers along with a lot of solid originals. Neno Belan had a healthy dose pop rock videos which were fun to watch.

@ScreamingLordButch @Bomberboy @Arseheart @Don_Becker @mickrbrown @BladeRunner @KINGOFMEN@Avante @CapnHollis @hughesrt @DavesNotHere @SoorajSoman @emmazunz @maksuud @FelipeBandido @mloup Croatia is one of the teams I have like watching a lot but your time's up men. As of runaway bandwagon in England ready to smash through your goals. shaka is looking forward to @ScreamingLordButch 's sequel videos of celebrations with his daughter after the next two victories! For the few that haven't seen it check out his Juke at . It's a class moment in GJB / TIMJ history!

shaka has a lot of undisturbed brew to get to today during the game!

JAM ON Jukers!!!
Posted: 11th July 2018
Jim Svitak
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