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Down In It
by Nine Inch Nails
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I had planned on jamming this recently for #CensorshipSaturday but ended up talking to my second oldest son, @Anarchy4Life as she waited for his rental car to be fixed. He was serving a five-day suspension from work so he talked the opportunity to take a little mini-vacation in Colorado. I was telling my son about this video but unfortunately, I never showed it to him. When he got back on Sunday afternoon he told me that he and his friend got to talk with Trent Reznor. Talk about coincidence! I started liking him when he was composing scores for flicks! I first noticed that hen he did the music for THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO! For a while there I was going to sleep to that album every night. #Iknownothing about Nine Inch Nails.

Here's an early #WeirdAssWednesday story about this tune.

A music video for "Down in It" directed by Eric Zimmerman and Benjamin Stokes, filmed on location in the Warehouse District of Chicago, was released in September 1989. It includes special effects applied to scenes such as a television set falling down forwards and backwards, light writing, and flashing. In the video, Trent Reznor runs to the top of the building, while Chris Vrenna and Richard Patrick follow him.

The climax of the original version of the "Down in It" music video ended with the implication that Reznor's corn starch-covered character had fallen off a building and died in the street. MTV censored the scene, editing it from all airings.[8] To film the ending of the video, Zimmerman and Stokes had used a video camera tied to a balloon, so ropes were attached preventing it from escaping the Warehouse District building.[9] Minutes after they started filming using this technique, the ropes snapped and the balloons (and the camera) rose high into the atmosphere and – after traveling over 200 miles – landed on a farmer's field in Michigan. The Federal Bureau of Investigation received the footage from the farmer[10] and investigated if it portrayed a person committing suicide. The FBI perceived the tape as a snuff film, and identified the person appearing at the ending to be Reznor.[12] "Somebody at the FBI had been watching too much Hitchcock or David Lynch or something," Reznor remarked. The investigation ended when his manager demonstrated Reznor was not dead and the music video had nothing related to crime or satanism.
This story was covered by the news magazine show Hard Copy on their March 3, 1991 episode."Total junk gossip exploitative journalism…" Reznor concluded. "That was the icing on the cake: getting on the worst TV show in America."
~ Wiki

Hard Copy's hypocritical 'news' report -

Shaka is wiped out from a weekend of football!

JAM ON Jukers!!!

1989 - TVT Records - United States
Posted: 10th September 2019
Jim Svitak
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