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Rhapsody in Blue
by Paul Whiteman And His Concert Orchestra featuring George Gershwin on piano
A Saturday matinee of # cheese starting with the classic #AvanteGarde #DarkWeek flick THE LIFE AND DEATH OF 9413 a HOLLYWOOD EXTRA which used to be hand-cranked on a gramophone for live showings. I find both German expressionist flick cinematography and Gershwin's 'Blue' equally fascinating. First a short bit about how 'Rhapsody in Blue' came to be.

Gershwin's Rhapsody In Blue - the story behind a hastily composed masterpiece

The great American composer first found out he was meant to be writing his most ground-breaking work from a newspaper article.

Late at night on 3 January 1924, George Gershwin, his brother Ira and lyricist Buddy DeSylva were having a game in the Ambassador Billiard Parlor at 52nd Street on Broadway when an item in the amusement section of the New York Tribune caught Ira’s attention. It was about a concert of new American music to be given by Paul Whiteman and his Palais Royal Band at Aeolian Hall on 12 February - Abraham Lincoln’s birthday.
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Trivia that Beach Boys number one fan @debutch would appreciate:
Brian Wilson, leader of The Beach Boys, has said on multiple occasions that Rhapsody in Blue is one of his favorite pieces. He first heard it when he was two years old, and recalls that he "loved" it. It was also a heavy influence on his Smile album. He also came to think of "Good Vibrations" as "a smaller, psychedelic version of Rhapsody in Blue".

Now an article about the #cheese

According to its director, Robert Florey, the entire budget for the 11-minute 1928 silent film was $97, 80 of which was the cost of the negative, developing and printing. The film may have seemed at the time, even to the filmmakers, to be only a bagatelle, but almost 70 years later, in 1997, the National Film Preservation Board of the Library of Congress selected it for preservation in its annual review of films of significant historical importance. For the three who created the film, it was only one of several experimental films they made before being launched into mainstream Hollywood careers. Each one became a “star,” fate distancing them from the movie dead end of Mr. John Jones, extra number 9413, the unfortunate subject of their film.

Florey helmed dozens of “B” movies in the 1930s and ’40s, followed by a distinguished career in television. Co-director Slavko Vorkapich became a major Hollywood force in the ’30s, creating all-important montage and time transition sequences for dozens of large budget Hollywood movies. Years later, Vorkapich expounded his film theories as teacher and lecturer, influencing generations of emerging filmmakers. The third “star” of this triad is credited simply as “Gregg.” He was the cinematographer of 9413 and of the two other experimental shorts made by the trio in the late ’20s. “Gregg’s” previous credits were as an assistant cameraman with Arthur Edeson, a founding member of the American Society of Cinematographers, who had credits going back to 1914. Gregg also worked with George Barnes, the deep-focus pioneer who was to have so much influence on the young cinematographer.

In less than a decade, Gregg Wesley Toland rose to the top rank of cinematographers. At least a half dozen of his films, with directors Orson Welles, John Ford, and William Wyler are in the canon of the greatest American movies; yet Toland died at the untimely age of 44.
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JAM ON Jukers!!!
1927 - Victor - United States
Posted: 26th January 2019
Jim Svitak
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