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by Robbie Robertson
The reason for this jam is One Eyed Jacks for two reasons. Yesterday at the first of two cataract surgery so I've been walking around with this goofy clear plastic patch over my right eye. They didn't give me any tape so that has finally worn off in the patches in my pocket. The instruction papers they gave me was ready for the surgery was to get ready for them to put me completely under but the anesthesia but when I got there I guess plans changed. I was awake during the whole procedure but they just shot me up with stronger Xanax and I take. It was cool watching what they do. I couldn't see them cuz they lay the thick cover over me but I could see through the eye they were working on so I can see them adjusting things and doing stuff in here the surgeon talking about how bad the lighting was. Afterwards the surgeon told me I would have to go to Tulsa for the left eye. I told him I would not because I have not traveled out of this town in 11 years. That's too much for me. They even wanted me to go to Jenks to see him today and his office. My an original instruction paper shows that I was supposed to see my eye doctor today. I called my contact at that office and talk to her. She said not to worry about the out-of-town stuff that everything would be done here that they don't allow other doctors to bully their patients and their doing stuff.

The more entertaining reason or this Juke is the Good Gunner, my dad. ONE EYED HACKS was one of his favorite #cheese flicks. shaka sez check it out!

This Robbie Robertson tune features Tom Morello is raked the 40th best guitar player in the world according to Rolling Stone Magazine. Robertson is ranked 59th

'You got T Bone and Link Wray
All brothers of the blade
Then there's Django and Elmore James
All brothers of the blade'

'One-eyed jacks, King with the ax
Like Albert or Freddy
One-eyed jacks, King with the ax
And of course BB was born ready'

This song is not about ax throwing which is gaining popularity but it's obviously a tribute to those who's ax is a guitar.

This is from Robertson's Clairvoyant album

How to Become Clairvoyant is the fifth solo release from Robbie Robertson. It features Eric Clapton (on tracks 3-8 and 10),[1] Steve Winwood, Trent Reznor (who provided textures on the track "Madame X"), Tom Morello, Robert Randolph, Rocco Deluca, Angela McCluskey, and Taylor Goldsmith of Dawes. Pino Palladino and Ian Thomas are the rhythm section.

Robertson performed "He Don't Live Here No More" on CBS's Late Show with David Letterman and ABC's The View in support of the album, with the band Dawes.

It was released on April 5, 2011 and became a hit in the USA, peaking at #13 in Billboard 200.
~ wiki
This GuitarRockJam has a bit of #FunkyFriday to it

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shaka asks who is your favorite guitarist? It usually starts with SRV for myself then looking into both the future and past from there.

JAM ON Jukers!!!

2011 - Macrobiotic Records, 429 Records - United States
Posted: 16th March 2018
Jim Svitak
I rambled therefore I am ------- #cheese, #TIMJweek, #HistoryJuke #WeirdAssWednesday #CensorshipSaturday, #bonusfeatures, #TexasTuesday, #Australia , #Iceland, #covers, #2016SuckedButWeDidnt #PizzaJam #BaseballJam, #Jazzstandards #SciFiSaturday, #vomitcoverstheearth, #bonusfeatures, #BetterThanTheOriginal, #forthechildren, #acidjazz, #HeavyWeek, #hiphopheads, #keepitcreepy, #Oklahoma #Hawaii, #sixtiesbestpop, #seventiesbestpop, #eightiesbestpop, #Olympics #Olympicweeks #SundaySoother #FunkyFriday #IknowNothingAbout #BalticBrass -- JAM ON Jukers!!!
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