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Yesterday was another adventure in the wheelchair. I had to go to the ATM to get 60 more dollars for rent and needed bread. Since the bread at my local gas station is fargin' horrible that meant a trip across the tracks to get to a store that had a variety of stuff. When I got to the part where I fell out of my chair a couple of weeks ago I was careful to approach it at a different angle but got stuck. I tried to stand and push backward with the chair and reverse but was unsuccessful. I guess since I made such a scene there last time laying in the grass there was a guy inside of an office that saw me and hustled out to help me. After I was able do my shopping and when I got home I noticed my seat cushion was gone. I knew it had to be at the place where I got stuck so I messaged my second oldest son, @Anarchy4Life and he and his friend just happened to see it and picked it up not knowing it was mine. I was worried because I paid $150 for that sciatica nerve saver. His friend worked in the medical supply field and guestimated admitted that was a $200 cushion and took it back to his shop. We went there to pick it up and so I could give him a small reward for helping me out. His name was Gary and he offered to help me fix my chair if I ever needed that. That could come in handy because my warranty is almost pau. ( I will leave that word for @Ulittletwit ). LOL!

After that, my son and I went across the street to the bowling alley / Bar and Grill to have some beer and munchies. Shaka had been wanting to go there for quite some time. That's the place that serves beef, deer, elk, and Gator as well as some other game meats. We had lemon/ginger draft beers and for Munchies we ordered french fries and onion rings. The french fries were cut and an unusual way making them taste like fried mashed potatoes which were really cool. He also threw in a little bit of fried macaroni and cheese which my son liked but I detested because Shaka is not a mac and cheese man.

On to the flick which I honestly can't remember if I had jammed about it or not. The horrible stories of the Texas Killing Fields go back to the early 70s. It seems to be a prime dumping ground for serial killers. This documentary is from a show that I used to watch every Saturday night and this one features the two guys that the characters in the movie are based on. After watching this there was no way I couldn't see this flick someday. It's a worthwhile watch if interested.


#Iknownothingabout this band The Americans Hearthstone what little I have heard facing worth checking out. What a great tune here as it scratches Shaka's perpetual itch.

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Soccer needs a new TeeVee now!

JAM ON Jukers!!!
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Posted: 8th October 2019
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