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Battle Without Honor or Humanity
by Tomoyasu Hotei
I had a plan this morning but ended up wandering around the internet like Joe Bob Briggs described Val Kilmer doing in the desert on my Doors jam the other day
I wanted to do something for Cole Porter's birthday but I ended up rambling through all sorts of flicks and came upon this epic performance...I like everything about it including the samurai batsman on one of the drums and the young gal across the stage on the other kit...I would have posted it on @TIMJLivesessions but I have something special planned for my next contribution there, maybe later today?...So here's Tomoyasu Hotei and adding it to another new tag that I'm gonna steal from @CapnHollis #AintItCool

Life has a habit of coming full circle. What shapes our formative years will often ripple through our lives, informing future decisions and making us into the people we are as years and decades pass. And so it was with the musical birth, and continued evolution, of one of the most acclaimed artists to have ever arisen in the Land of the Rising Sun…
Tomoyasu Hotei (pronounced ‘hoe-tay’) was just 14 years old when he walked into his local music store in Takasaki, Japan and had something of an epiphany. There he stood, transfixed by a poster of T. Rex legend Marc Bolan: an almost god-like presence caught in a moment of ethereal majesty. Time ground to a halt.
“I asked myself why it was such an exciting photograph, looked down and saw the guitar. So I decided right there and then: I want to become the best guitarist I possibly can and discover the world through music… even move to London some day.”
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He was born the day before me so I figure he must have stolen my epiphany

"Battle Without Honor or Humanity" is an instrumental music piece by Japanese rock musician Tomoyasu Hotei. It was originally featured in the 2000 film New Battles Without Honor and Humanity (also known as Another Battle) by Junji Sakamoto, for which Hotei wrote the soundtrack and also stars in as an actor.
On the film's soundtrack, the piece is titled "New Battles Without Honor and Humanity Theme". A live performance of the song appears on Hotei's 2001 live album, Rock the Future Tour 2000-2001. The piece was introduced to Western audiences three years later in Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill Volume 1 and its soundtrack, where it received the title "Battle Without Honor or Humanity". Three versions of the track are featured on Hotei's 2004 album Electric Samurai. It was released as a single on June 30, 2004, under the title "Another Battle"

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Posted: 9th June 2016
Jim Svitak
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