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@shaka has never seen DUNE because it came out at a time when I let movie reviews tell me what sucked. My bad because I felt like critics were experts when I was young. It took watching the classic flick ONE-EYED JACKS with Karl Malden and Marlon Brando which The Good Gunner, my dad, told me didn't do well at the box office at the time due to bad reviews. He loved the flick and so did I when I watched it with him. After that, I started noticing all the bogus reviews on movies, music, and TeeVee. It got to the point where is something at a bad review then it would draw my interest., especially now!
I remember most of my friends that read DUNE hated the flick but as I would find out that is true for most movies. The problem with books is they include too many spoilers for the movie! They even tell you that then sometimes.

I have added DUNE and the TWIN PEAKS watching guide that @A4 add recently shared one of @LoreleiBeatrix recent jams. By the way, I love this WrappedInPlastic theme even though I may not know as much about it as others. I have always loved David Lynch flicks though and didn't know he did music until Adrian did a week full back on #TIMJ .

Here's something funny about DUNE. As everyone knows I am a huge fan of SOUTH PARK because of their social commentary. Anyway and a recent episode they kept going on about the Spice Melange which had me laughing out loud as I usually do mostly because of the way they said it and where it was. Apparently it was in Tom Brady's shit and everybody wanted it! As usual, Matt Stone and Trey Parker we're able to write that into their story very well. I like re-watching their movies when I am down. 

I saw Toto at their first big warm-up gig. For me personally they were underwhelming except for Steve Lukather did such an amazing guitar solo that they even got cheered on after they left the stage enough for an encore. I think that is the only warm-up band I have ever seen do an encore. It was a tiny bit irritating just because I was itching to see Peter Frampton already. This was during the Frampton Comes Alive concert tour in '78 which to this day remains one of my top 10 concerts. It was also one of my first three or four real concerts. I never counted best small sets from country and western Legends at The Old Pink Panther Hall near Fort Worth Texas when I was in 5th grade.

ONE-EYED JACKS Scorsese "One-Eyed Jacks" Intro - - for the real film buffs - Martin Scorsese on 'One-Eyed Jacks' | NYFF54 -

DUNEReview - -

Shaka's gonna continue his Joe Bob Briggs hosted horror flicks today before considering anything else because his observations are the best to cheer this old guy up!

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1984 - Polydor - United States
Posted: 9th December 2019
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