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I've posted a few #lgbt songs during June, which is recognized as Pride Month in the US. This is perhaps the most interesting one, and I'm guessing it'll be new to most of you outside of dedicated #yachtrock fans.

Peter Allen was an Australian who first achieved notoriety in the US as a songwriter, having written the song "I Honestly Love You" popularized by Olivia Newton-John, co-written "Don't Cry Out Loud" which was a hit in the US for Melissa Manchester, and co-written "Arthur's Theme (Best That You Can Do)" which was a hit for Christopher Cross.

Allen was also famous for having been the first husband of actress/singer Liza Minelli. Minelli made this famous comment about their 1974 divorce: "I married Peter, and he didn't tell me he was gay. Everyone knew but me. And I found out ... well, let me put it this way: I'll never surprise anybody coming home as long as I live. I call first!"

While Minelli discovered Allen's sexuality in the mid-70s, it apparently was an open secret or not actively discussed in public at the time (unlike it would be today). Allen continued to score hits in Australia and performed there in flamboyant costumes. US success avoided him, though he did manage to do a three-night stint as the first male dancer with the Rockettes. Allen did write the popular song "I Go To Rio" but it was not a chart hit in the US.

By 1980, Allen had enough cred as a songwriter that he enlisted producer David Foster to help him with his sixth album, Bi-Coastal, which he hoped would kick off a run on the US charts. This banging title track has hit written all over it to me - but alas it peaked at #79 on the dance chart, and another single "Fly Away" reached only #55 on the pop chart. Allen would reach #15 on the US Adult Contemporary Chart in 1983 with the ironically named "You Haven't Heard the Last of Me" but he never saw mainstream success here as a singer. He died in 1992 of a form of cancer attributed to AIDS.

Anyway, I love the lyrics that work on two levels throughout the song. Is he talking about California vs. New York, or is he talking about his interests in men and women?

"All those girls on TV movies
All those boys on Broadway
When you can't make up your mind
You know you go either way"

I view this song as Allen's loud and proud declaration of bisexuality, "When both are so much fun, why do you have to pick one?" And I think the comment "California's fine if you're pretty" works pretty much regardless of which team you're on.

There is an official video here, but it's to the shorter single mix and lacks the #greatsax by Gary Herbig on the outtro. Check it out if you'd like to see his Kelsey Grammer-esque looks as he bounces around on pianos thematically set in New York and Los Angeles:
1980 - A&M Records - Australia - From the album "Bi-Coastal"
Posted: 15th June 2019
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