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Crazy for You
by David Hasselhoff
Did you know David Hasselhoff has recorded 12 studio albums? Even Frank Stallone doesn’t have that many. Bruce Willis only made three. Patrick Swayze never even got a whole album.

This song reached #4 in Austria, #18 in West Germany, and #21 in Switzerland, proving once and for all that Germans love David Hasselhoff. I’ve listened to it at least a dozen times and I can’t believe it exists. I’m not sure what is better:
1) That the song shamelessly borrows from the Village People song “YMCA”
2) How painfully obvious it is when they film Hasselhoff actually driving the motorcycle as opposed to riding on a flatbed truck (hint: watch the tassels on the end of the handlebars)
3) The chin bouncing around 1:00
4) The wiener dog appearing from the saddle bag at 2:15
5) The ensuing health and safety violations brought on by said wiener dog, who is presumably exercising his homicidal vengeance after having been forced to ride in a motorcycle saddlebag during a David Hasselhoff video
6)The key change at 1:51, which is then eclipsed by an even greater key change at 2:30
7) The utterly awesome sky colors from about 2:34 on and CRAZY FOR YOU graphics (the effect at 2:46 is legendary).
8) The great work of the backup singers and producers of the song to cover up the fact that it’s David Hasselhoff singing. There are some real heartfelt “I’m crazy!” shouts in the chorus at the end.
9) The look he gives you in the last closeup shot, knowing you’ll be spending a big chunk of your next paycheck on Knight Rider memorabilia.

It may be the greatest 80s music video. Prove me wrong.
1990 - Ariola Records - Germany - From the album “Crazy for You”
Posted: 9th May 2019
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