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Ya Se
by Fea
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A friend of mine who is a DJ in Tucson was hyping this track which the San Antonio chicana punk band Fea released last week. The word "Fea" in Spanish is pronounced "Fay-uh" and means ugly. "Ya Se" translates to "Already."

Taken from an article in Remezcla magazine about the song:

We all know that the U.S. employment wage gap between white men and, well, everyone else remains a problem. And for the Latinx population, on average, we’re making about 23 percent less than our white, non-Latinx counterparts. Pay for undocumented workers, of course, can be considerably less, and in the unregulated grey economy, those jobs are often in violation of labor protections regarding breaks, length of shifts, and conditions.

Chicana punks Fea call out this discrepancy on “Ya Se,” the second single from the band’s forthcoming album No Novelties. The video – premiering today exclusively on Remezcla – is a pro-worker wallop to a capitalist system that condemns low-income people for their poverty, rather than acknowledging its role in keeping them poor.

“Ya Se” follows a damn-the-man narrative: Letty, Jenn, Phanie, and new guitarist Sofi, work diligently as auto mechanics, yet aren’t paid enough to fund a decent quality of life. Meanwhile, their boss is making money while literally sitting around, picking his nose.

“Letty wrote the song about living paycheck to paycheck,” Jenn says. “You know, not making enough, but still spending money you don’t have on vices that maybe help distract you from your reality.”

Off the clock, Fea sneak back into the shop, bringing along booze and an itch to blow off some steam, ending in a symbolic smashing of the timeclock.

Fea's website (where you can pre-order the album which releases next week):
2019 - Blackheart Records - United States - From the forthcoming album "No Novelties"
Posted: 7th November 2019
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