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Dream of Me
by Kristina Train
#aprilmusicchallenge Day 13: A song you discovered through another jammer.
This was my easiest selection for the challenge - I knew it instantly.

I found this song here, jammed by @C_C in January of 2017. I loved it instantly. I returned some time later (I think it was weeks or even months) later to thank @C_C who in turn thanked @David_Anderson for the introduction.

This song is one of my favorites now. It's sad, uplifting, and beautiful all at the same time. I teared up listening to it as I'm typing, and I think it's really helped me circle away from some dark places in my life. It's difficult to state how much it means to me.

I had never heard of Kristina Train before @C_C posted this song, and I gather she's had no commercial success in the US. I believe she has charted in the UK, which is why the Dark Black album was released there. It's an amazing record that doesn't fit well with any contemporary American radio format and so it's no surprise that Train apparently hasn't released a follow-up. I don't know where she is, but I hope she hasn't left music. I hope she tours the US someday - I would love to find a 50-seat venue somewhere and go just to hear this song.

It's things like this which keep me coming back here, and why I love this place and all of you. Keep jamming, friends.
2012 - Mercury Records - United Kingdom - From the album "Dark Black"
Posted: 13th April 2019
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