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Keep Reachin' (feat. Chaka Khan)
by Quincy Jones and Mark Ronson
#nodudevember (you only hear Chaka Khan on the track, so I think it qualifies)

When I find myself casting about on Netflix for something to watch, I seem to catch on to documentaries, and recently Netflix has been recommending music documentaries to me. In September I caught the one about Clive Davis which I found very interesting, if a little bit biased to cover-up or give short shift to some of his criticisms. (More about that documentary here: )

This same editorial bent can be found in the 2018 Netflix documentary "Quincy" which I caught late last month. Co-written and co-produced by Quincy Jones' famous-in-her-own-right daughter Rashida Jones, it tells the interesting story of how Jones' musical career started and took off. Just as Davis' movie broke down in the recounting of the death of Whitney Houston, "Quincy" really gives a light treatment to the sexual misconduct allegations involving Michael Jackson and his eventual death in 2009. The relationship between Davis and Houston is different than the one between Jones and Jackson, but still I expected more. Also, Jones appears to have been a real lothario and his parade of wives and kids is explained away with "Dad works really hard on his music" which is kinda weak.

That said, the story of his music career - starting with Miles Davis, the stories of him breaking racial barrier after racial barrier, and even its illustration of a recent health scare - is quite compelling. As with Clive Davis' documentary the music is excellent, and the archival footage is fascinating. I've selected this track which plays over the closing credits, and appears to have been recorded especially for the documentary with the help of Mark Ronson and Chaka Khan.

You can find "Quincy" on Netflix.

If you're looking around for another music documentary worth watching, I strongly recommend the quirky "Paul Williams: Still Alive" which I wrote about here:
2018 - Qwest Records - United States - From the soundtrack to the documentary "Quincy"
Posted: 15th November 2019
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