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Where In The World
by Swing Out Sister
Ahhh Corrine Drewery. #swoon

I still love this album, 30 years later. This song only reached #47 in the UK, and did not chart in the US.

Other tracks from this album:
You On My Mind:
Forever Blue:

Whoa, that's it? I expected more tracks from that album here.

I'm realizing that I posted a ton of SoS to TIMJ, but only a few of you have posted them here. In fact, I wrote about that back on the first SoS track I posted, Caipirinha:

Amusingly, I found this deep on my leftover list, under songs that I didn't choose for #musicalquestions
1989 - Fontana Records - United Kingdom - From the album "Kaleidoscope World"
Posted: 20th September 2019
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