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You Already Know
by Swing Out Sister

Back on TIMJ I used to post Swing Out Sister tracks very often. I posted one with a short comment about how they reminded me of Steely Dan, musically speaking. I found their songs to be nicely polished, with interesting key changes and flourishes, and IMO Corinne Drewery has a much better voice than Donald Fagen. The session musicianship is absent, but even Don himself was heavily into synth by the 90s and I think SoS is the natural progression of that sound.

TIMJers - many of which were pretty hardcore Dan fans - thought I was nuts and my SoS posts usually gathered no likes. But it's still my opinion today. I've logged over 138,000 songs I've listened to into my account since 2007. My top three artists: 1) Steely Dan, 2) Swing Out Sister, 3) Donald Fagen. My top four albums: 1) The Nightfly by Donald Fagen, 2) Gaucho by Steely Dan, 3) Off the Wall by Michael Jackson, and 4) Shapes and Patterns by Swing Out Sister.

For the longest time, my favorite track on the album was the cover of Laura Nyro's song "Stoned Soul Picnic." It's bouncy and fun and I think everyone should go listen to it. I wrote quite a bit about it - and SoS in general - on that post.

My most favorite track then shifted over to the dreamy song "Always" which I have not posted for reasons that will become clear by the end of this writeup.

But for the past several years, it has been this track, which features the lush choral "na na na nah nuh na nah nuh na" backdrop, the sampled drum loop complete with vinyl record pops and clicks, and the near-religious key change that starts around 2:55. It is the signature song on the album - an album which is the signature of the band's catalog. It's a little slice of synthpop heaven, and it is musical perfection.

My previous selection on this hashtag - Glamour Profession by Steely Dan - was not selected because of the content of its lyrics. That song is a mood, a feeling, an entire state of mind. This song's lyrics are what have kept it on the top of my most-played tracks for these past few years.

The song's lyrics are a series of riddles about love that are woven into a tale - one that I've always taken to have a happy ending. For those of you who get way into music as I do (which is why I keep coming back here, because there are so many of you here), here's my reading:

The first verse is about the promise of love - the first broken hearts we have in our early relationships, which eventually turn into someone there your whole lifetime through. The first chorus talks about being swept up in the moment and getting married.

The second verse is about the despair of loveless marriage, about marriage vows you can't break, but the suffering that weighs on every breath. The second chorus talks about the sleepless nights when you know it's over but you can't bring a voice to end it.

The song has no proper third verse, but the lyrics which come on the bridge and through the outro are the happy ending - the declaration or prayer that love will surround you again.

The key is the phrase "you already know." And I do know. I've known for years. It's just hard to do, that's all.

Thanks for being my therapy session tonight, GJB. Someday I'll go back and highlight all of the highs and lows from my life which are hiding in plain sight on my 960 posts here. But I can't seem to type anything else right now. The words just aren't here.


What can fill your heart 'til it breaks
Make you dream when you're wide awake
What could fill your whole lifetime through
Though it doesn't belong to you
Whoever you are
Wherever you go
Will I meet you there
And how will I know

When you can't hear for listening
When you can't see a single thing
When you don't care what's happening
You already know

What's a feeling that can't be touched
What's a pleasure that hurts so much
Like a promise that you can't break
What can steal every breath you take
Whoever we are
Whenever we touch
Will love disappear
If we take too much

When the night doesn't let you sleep
When you can't find the words to speak
When this secret's too much to keep
You already know

And when love surrounds you
There'll be no reason to even explain
No reason to explain
What's a secret we can't keep
When a secret's too much to keep
You already know
You know when you know
You already know
When love disappears
You already know
Already know
You already know
1997 - Fontana Records - United Kingdom - From the album "Shapes and Patterns"
Posted: 10th January 2020
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